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Our Story


My career began in finance after studying a B.Comm degree. I then went on to work in marketing and product development for a cosmetic company. Working in both fields gave me the necessary experience for starting my own company.

After deciding that I wanted to start my own business and combine my love for food, nutrition and business into one business model, I travelled to London to study macrobiotics (the ancient study of Japanese cooking) and whilst on a trip down south to Torquay, I stumbled over a delicious dish called Balti. This delicious curry is what drove me into the business intitially. From then on I was inspired to recreate my own version of the Pakistani (use to be Baltistan) curry. So I went out and bought a Balti recipe book along with all the required spices and started hand-making my own Balti curry powders. And so the Spice and all things nice 'seed' was planted. Much to my mother's dismay, my business was born in her kitchen in Newlands, Cape Town. For the first year she patiently supported me and saw the Spice 'seed' slowly grow. She had to put up with curry aroma's filtering through the house and curry splattered walls but no doubt she would agree it was worth it. Giovanni's in Green Point was my first customer, then Spar. This customer base grew to include National listings with Pick n Pay, Checkers, Wellness Warehouse and Dischem and then the export market.

Our range has grown to include Indian, Cape Malay, Moroccan and Thai products and we now operate from a factory in Salt River, Cape Town.

What is Balti? (Our Signature Product)

Balti originates from the base of the Himalayan Mountains or Kashmir (what used to be referred to as Baltistan). Balti curries are totally unique as they have been influenced by the Tibetans, Persians, Greeks and Aryans. The Balti spice mixes are beautifully subtle and compliment almost any dish.

My Aim

To introduce the South African market to a new food trend which is Balti, this included the Balti Paste and Powder. Spices are wonderful additions to food; they can transform the most ordinary food into something extraordinarily delicious. We also went more mainstream with other food catergories as they were better known.

I also wanted to educate the market about the simplicity of cooking curry: I put 'easy to use' cooking instructions and recipes on all of my products. We have deliberately created products that are convenient, easy and quick to use.

What excites my customers?
New product concepts as well as healthy and convenient cooking. Spices are associated with sensuality and passion and I wanted to create a 'love label' (a brand which evokes emotion).


Most importantly, to have fun in what you do. Keep yourself open for growth and learning from the people you connect with daily.

Future Plans

5 year plan: I always try to keep myself open to new developments. However I would like Spice and all things nice to become a household name, reknowned for its quality and convenience. To continue creating new products and possibly launch a Spice and all things nice recipe book.

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