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Curry Pastes

Balti curry paste

Balti Curry Paste

"Our signature curry"

An outstanding Kashmir curry, Handmade with 18 of the finest spices. No additives or preservatives. This unusually authentic curry is delicious with chicken, cream and a dash of yoghurt. Follow the simple step by step instructions on the bottle to make a mouth-watering curry. Remember to garnish with fresh coriander and flaked almonds.


Korma curry paste

Korma Curry Paste

"A delicious aromatic coconut based curry paste"

Hand made by the Spice girls, contains no additives. Add 3 teaspoons to your garlic and onion mix, sauté in pan and add tomato puree and chicken or meat, stir in yoghurt and cook until the chicken is cooked through. Garnish with roasted almonds and serve with one of our delicious rices and poppadums. Oh so easy!


Tikka curry paste

Tikka Curry Paste

"A curry paste infused with mint and lemon"

To make a marinade, mix some Tikka curry paste with yoghurt and some salt and pepper. Soak your chicken breasts and bake your chicken in hot oven to make a chicken Tikka. This is the most famous Indian curry. Serve with Spice and all things nice Basmati Rice and fresh greens.


Moroccan harissa paste

Moroccan Harissa Paste

A spicy paprika based North African paste. Ideal for tagines or stews or make a marinade and baste prawns.

Delicious served with Spice and all things nice Cous Cous.


Thai red curry paste

Thai Red Curry Paste

A bolder, more robust curry, laced with red chilli and a special spice blend. Ideal with beef or lamb.


Thai green curry paste

Thai Green Curry Paste

"This is a Thai taste sensation"

A delicate and aromatic Thai Curry Paste. Made with love and fresh coriander and green chillli's. Add to your coconut based curries, stir-fries or soups. Ideal with fish or chicken.