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Basmati Rice


Very high quality. A delicious aromatic rice which is soft and fluffy in texture. Ideal when served with curry.

Weight: 750g

Brown Basmati Rice

Brown Basmati

Whole grain Basmati Rice imported from India with the bran layer intact, this aromatic rice maintains it's 'popcorn' aroma while giving you the nutty flavour and nutritious value that whole grains are known for. Low Glycaemic index - ideal for Diabetics

Weight: 750g

Cape Malay Breyani Rice


"This Cape Malay rice is flavourful yet delicate, evocative and characterful just like typical Cape Malay cuisine."

Slowly infused jasmine rice with the delicate flavours of cardamon, turmeric and cassia. Delightful served with a Cape Malay Curry/Bobotie or just add chicken to make a Chicken Breyani.

Weight: 750g

Sun-dried Tomato Breyani Rice

Sun-dried Tomato Breyani

A gorgeous tomato flavoured Breyani which is easy to prepare and delicious when served with fish and beef.

Weight: 750g

Pilaf Rice with Coconut, Cumin and Basil

Pilaf Rice with Coconut,
Cumin and Basil

A wonderfully exotic and delicate rice which is flavoured with basil, cumin and a hint of coconut.

Prepare by frying your rice off with spring onions in olive oil then adding stock and boiling for 10 minutes until rice is fluffy but firm. This is a deliciously different way to prepare rice. Serve with Thai green curry or just add onions and the vegetables of your choice to make a Pilaf meal.

Weight: 750g

Moroccan Rice with Bell Peppers

Moroccan Rice with Bell Peppers

A delicate blend of fragrant rice, delicious red bell peppers and garlic. Serve with tagines, and Moroccan Roasts.

Weight: 500g

Health rice with Apricots, Almonds and Mint

Health rice with Apricots,
Almonds & Mint

"A delightfully different take on brown rice"

Delicious, wholesome brown rice, flavoured with tangy dried apricot, flaked almonds and a hint of mint. Add feta, olives and spring onions to make a delicious salad or serve with a harissa infused lamb tagine.

Weight: 750g